What is Data Science?

Data science is a field of study that centers around analyzing data to get meaningful insight from the data.

The insights gotten are used to support making better decisions in business, health, lifestyle, and every area of human processes.

Data science is the merge of two old fields, Statistics and Computer Science. So, you can think of data science as the field

where statistical principles are applied to data to get an understanding of what the data is saying. These data are historical

data (past data) on a particular subject of interest. It could be data…

SQL- Structured Query Language

SQL or “Sequel” as some other literature and developer communities
call it is a very old language that is widely used by developers or data experts in communicating and working on databases. It was developed from the postulation of Dr E.F Codd in 1970 about redesigning the way data is being stored. In his paper, Codd postulated that data should be stored in relations — tables (in rows and columns).

This idea brought about the emergence of Databases and SQL as a language to use for communicating with the databases. …

Oluwaseun Akintibubo

Oluwaseun Akintibubo is a prolific Data Scientist with Database administration skills. He has been teaching technology for over 13years..

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