Why you should learn SQL?

SQL- Structured Query Language

SQL or “Sequel” as some other literature and developer communities
call it is a very old language that is widely used by developers or data experts in communicating and working on databases. It was developed from the postulation of Dr E.F Codd in 1970 about redesigning the way data is being stored. In his paper, Codd postulated that data should be stored in relations — tables (in rows and columns).

This idea brought about the emergence of Databases and SQL as a language to use for communicating with the databases. As a language, it has its place established as a language among developers and experts who would be working with data.

SQL as a Major Skill in 2021

Despite its over 50 years of existence, SQL is still the most relational database language and this is responsible for its increasing use among developers, database administrators, data analysts, and all data-related fields.

As a beginner data analyst SQL will be one of the most frequent tools you will need for your daily activities. Therefore, you will soon discover that the language is often omitted in the Data Analytics and Data Science curriculum because the assumption is simply that anyone planning on a career in or attempting to switch to these fields should already have SQL as a skill.

So, why should you learn SQL as a Database Administrator or a Data Scientist?

  1. SQL is used everywhere.
    The language supports anything that has to do with data. This includes application development, business processes and so on. It is used by all the big tech companies and it supports all the popular technologies that run the world. All companies, big or small, use SQL in one form or the other to support their business transactions. It is considered the lingua franca of data analysis. Perhaps a reason for this is its simplicity and short learning curve margin.
SQL skill is needed Everywhere

2. SQL is in constant demand.
SQL is the data skill with the highest demand in job adverts on Linkedin, Indeed, and other job sites.
Developers with this language skill are always in demand in all technology fields. It is the primary skill that lands most data analysts and data scientists their first job as it is essential in the data science field. You might not even need a SQL certification.

Having SQL skill easily sets you apart in a world where everyone is going about getting the “sexy” skills - Python and Machine learning.

SQL is in high Demand

3. SQL continues to be relevant
In a time when Non-relational database are supporting application development and business processes, and people are running after NoSQL and Hadoop skills, SQL remains indispensable in its usage and readability.

4. SQL skill commands a high pay
SQL developers earn an average of $87,000 annually according to indeed.com. Payscale.com puts the average salary for engineers with SQL skills at $117,000 in the USA.
Therefore, if you’re looking to enter into the technology field and earn a big pay, then SQL is the best skill for new entrants and also experienced developers and administrators.

Learn SQL

Would you like to get started learning SQL? Are you considering a shift in your career? Or do you simply want to earn more and open up yourself to the possibilities of a career in Data Science? Register with Avita Technologies and let our experienced SQL training faculty train, prepare and mentor you into becoming an SQL expert.




Oluwaseun Akintibubo is a prolific Data Scientist with Database administration skills. He has been teaching technology for over 13years..

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Oluwaseun Akintibubo

Oluwaseun Akintibubo

Oluwaseun Akintibubo is a prolific Data Scientist with Database administration skills. He has been teaching technology for over 13years..

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